About Us

"To Serve With Fulfillment Through Pride, Conviction, Perseverance, & Integrity."

When general contractors are looking for electrical expertise, they often turn to DeRock Electric Co. While on the surface the 30-person firm may seem small, DeRock has produced big results. Headed by namesakes Doug Detwiler and Rock Forry, whose friendship spans more than 20 years, their partnership complements each other. Forry supervises all field operations and man power with a hands-on approach. Detwiler takes care of all estimating, design and sales. Having been contracted for commercial and industrial projects throughout the region, DeRock’s work can be found within medical facilities, churches, malls and manufacturing facilities.

Detwiler and Forry have a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. They are master electricians and offer AutoCAD design in-house. Their firm holds certifications in Edwards fire alarm systems and has experience in data communications with CAT-5 and CAT-6 cabling and phone and fiber-optic lines. DeRock also tests lines and help clients with preventive maintenance through the use of infrared cameras, which helps document the existing infrastructure and diagnose any issues.

Working on the front lines of every project, Detwiler and Forry have ingrained a safety-first culture into their employees. Several employees are NFPA 70E Arc Flash-certified, a national standard for workplace electrical safety. The entire company has gone to safety courses and qualified employees receive up-to-date Arc Flash safety gear.

DeRock Electric knows that investing in employees pays off and believes that surrounding yourself with the best people will lead to success. DeRock specifically seeks out the best of the best —those who have the mentality and work ethic to rise up to any challenge and the focus and discipline to solve any problem. Through continuing education and on-the-job training, the company customizes learning to the individual. For those just starting out, DeRock provides a paid apprenticeship through the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors.

When DeRock Electric shows up at a job site, it comes prepared with the equipment and knowledge needed to accomplish the job. Most of all, its professionals come equipped with a powerful can-do attitude, so when problems arise, they focus on the solution and get the job done.